Monday, July 20, 2009

Smoothing the roughness

Hair....yuck. If I could just get rid of it all right now I would (of course leaving what on top of my head). I have tried to be smooth before. Usually it starts with a long shaving fest and then the next several days a lot of rash, mainly on my crotch and bum. I've tried things like nair as well, worked a little better, but similar results.

I've recently tried again. I've started by shaving almost daily, but only doing a few areas. The areas I am doing is my penis/balls, chest and face. There were a few days I gave them a break. Seems to be working fairly well. I've noticed the little red bumps on my chest get less and less each time and the same with my penis. Anyone know of a for sure way to stop that or not deal with it?

I have been toying with the idea of waxing. I would like to do that with my ass. Any advise or thoughts with waxing.

All areas I have been putting lotion on at least once if not twice a day. That helps a lot and makes those areas feel that much softer.

If anyone has pointers in this area, would love to hear. I am going to do it over all slowly so I can get used to it (might go faster as time goes, who knows).

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