Saturday, July 25, 2009

learning experiences

Yesterday, I did my nails (well really just my hands). I thought I was doing pretty well at it, but oh boy was I wrong. I trimmed my nails to short, the filing was not even and then when it came to painting them, it was never just right. So I remove the polish today and going to let me nails go out a bit and try again later. I guess this is a learning lesson for me.

I did try to clean up certain ares, but not with shaving. I used Nair hair remover. I know the warnings on it and heard about people with bad experiences. Overall it went ok. I removed any remainder hair on be penis and balls and also went back the little space between your balls and ass. Then also removed hair right around my asshole. There may have been a little burning, but it only lasted a few seconds and I rinsed well and it was ok. I don't think I got it all so I will have to go back to remove the rest. If another one of you girls plan on doing it with Nair, get the bikini safe stuff and do it carefully. To a small test area first in that area and if that's ok, go a little further.

Another thing I need to work on is getting down to a more fem weight. Now, my weight isn't all fat, I have a large part of muscle and I want to lessen that greatly. Of course also getting rid of fat too. My goal would be to get to 170 first and then see how I look and them maybe getting down to 140-150ish, maybe less.

My question here is, anyone know of a good way to tailor down my muscle and fat at the same time. I am 5' 10".


  1. You need to get a man to do your nails! I have one, and I love it -- great nails and we both get horny at the same time!!!

  2. Yeah, I'm taking it slow in that area right now. I did do my nails, no polish but I did buff them to a super high shine. Very happy.

  3. Cardio will trim your bodyfat; if you feel the need to tone very light weights will shape things but let your muscle taper down...

    Don't go all "Kate Moss", please?