Saturday, September 5, 2009

oh me oh :)

So tonight we went on what we call a "field trip". My wife and I went to our local sex store and looked around. Looked at shoes, lingerie and then toys. The toys we picked up were a pink vib (a few steps from the cheap crap, but not breaking the bank) and also a doc johnson 6-7 "dong" (that was me picking that up). We picked up some lub and later batteries. I'm hoping to get to have my wife and I used the toys on each other but most of all use it on myself.

There was a blog I've read through (which I wish he would update so badly) but he did an experiment where he would not touch/play with his cock to get sexual pleasure and only got sexual pleasure from anal play. Here is that blog: Temporary Sex Change

I believe I am going to try to do that (of course this would be when I'm by myself). I hear that you can have a extremely pleasurable orgasm anally yet not have the same feeling drain as the much harder penile orgasm. I'll be taking it slow as to ease into this and learn to receive pleasure from it.

Anyone knows of good toys, training, advise/tips, please let me know. I hope to have some really great orgasms doing this, let's see how it goes.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Keeps getting worse

All it seems like now is the we are arguing about me. About my gender identity and my sexuality. Tonight is another talk, about the same as the one before. She is upset because she said "well if your attracted to anyone that a different sex than myself, then it's not right. It should be me and that's it." She's saying that because she might not have certain "parts" that other people I find attractive, then she will never be enough. I again stated, that even if I'm attracted to those other kinds of people, I choose to be with her, not them.

I just don't know....4 months of married.....yeah....