Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Keeps getting worse

All it seems like now is the we are arguing about me. About my gender identity and my sexuality. Tonight is another talk, about the same as the one before. She is upset because she said "well if your attracted to anyone that a different sex than myself, then it's not right. It should be me and that's it." She's saying that because she might not have certain "parts" that other people I find attractive, then she will never be enough. I again stated, that even if I'm attracted to those other kinds of people, I choose to be with her, not them.

I just don't know....4 months of married.....yeah....


  1. hey baby,

    22 y/o sissy boy in a similar situation...not married yet, but in a straight LTR with my gf. Like you, she knows somewhat of my curiosities, but isn't necessarily comfortable with all of them...and we can't exactly blame them for not fully understanding.

    Some pieces of advice that may help...try not to resent her for feeling the way she does. Although we can relate to what you're going through, she may not be able to relate on the same sexual level; so being mad at her for being mad at you will just continue the vicious cycle...

    Also, try and focus on the traits you really love about her, the things that made you fall in love with her. If you know the little things that make her happy, go out of your way to show you care...words don't mean anything to women unless they see it...

    Life and marriage are journeys few can truly explain...they must be experienced, so take it as it cums ;)

    Hope to read more and love the profile pic hehe!

  2. It's not that I resent her. I somewhat understand why she feels the way she does, but not fully. The main thing with this is that I'm trying to find myself, my true self in all this. I don't think anything I say can get a neutral feeling toward this. I don't like sneaking around trying to figure this out, but it's almost to the point I just have to. Some things might be seen (shaving, nails, hair,etc.) but guess others will just have to be explored in secret (whatever the exploring part may be).