Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crazy dream....what does it mean?

Here is the dream.

So I was somewhere like at an event or something, and I was still married, but wife was somewhere else or out of town or something. I run into an older lady, maybe in early 40's or 50's. we start talking and having a good conversation and suddenly someone spills something on my pants. The lady tells me to go to her room to take care of it and says there are some things up there I could probably use to change into until we clean the clothes up. So i go upstairs and look around, there's no clothes i could use that would really work, but I do see she has done some laundry and for some reason I had to take off my pants and undies because they are soaked in something that needs some deep cleaning. So I take my pants and undies off and put on some of her panties and nothing else. My shirt is pretty long so it covers me and since it was a small group we were in, I figured they would understand and no one would be able to see the panties. So I return downstairs and sit with her and we continue our conversation. We are joking around and she every once in a while puts her hand on my leg, not to long, but I still notice it, but don't think to much of it. Then without warning, she starts rubbing me over the panties and does that while just smiling and pretending that everything is just fine. I start to freak a little but keep it under control. She just whispers "I understand and know what you want and I can help you." I try to resist, but she keeps going back to rubbing me over the panties. Pretty soon I start to feel I should just give in and do what she wants. And wouldn't you know it that's when I woke up.....I hate when that happens in the middle of a dream.

So I wanting to know if anyone understands my dream here and might explain it back to me. Please let me know, would love to hear from anyone.